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Hospice Hearts​ cares for approximately thirty cats and dogs at any given time in the foster care environment. Our orphans are referred to us directly from an individual meeting our criteria or accepted as a transfer from shelters or animal controls located in Central Illinois. 

Hospice Hearts has a high adoption rate of cats and dogs into loving homes, despite their advanced age and/or special needs. Nearly five hundred cats and dogs have been adopted out from Hospice Hearts.  Euthanasia is only an option when deemed medically necessary to alleviate pain and suffering by our attending veterinarian. 

Cats and dogs with Hospice Hearts are provided the highest quality of care for their health and well-being. They are placed in foster homes equipped to manage their grief and confusion, receiving high-quality food and stimulation. We strive to ease the transition between the former home and foster home to ensure the disruption to the pet is minimal.

Our adoption process requires an application, interview, vet reference and home visit. The adoption fee for a pet is a donation of the adopter's choice to Hospice Hearts, a minimum of $100 for our dogs, $50 for cats and $75 for a bonded pair of cats.  We carefully screen the prospective adoptive homes to ensure that they are an appropriate fit for our orphans. 

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