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If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with an elderly (over age of eight) or special needs cat or dog due to owner nursing home admission, serious illness, or death, please complete the online form requesting assistance:

Intake Form

The Hospice Hearts intake coordinator will respond as available with instructions and timeline of admission. Because of the significant veterinary treatment pets receive, a $50 admission fee per pet is requested.

Please note, due to high demand of services, we are frequently unable to accept immediate relinquishment. Most pets are placed on a wait list to enter our program with admission occurring within two to four weeks.

Upon admission, the pet will receive a thorough exam by a local veterinarian, including sterilization, vaccinations, including rabies, parasite/flea treatment, diagnostic testing with blood work, a microchip, and dental work, if indicated. We request that you provide current veterinary records at time of admission. 

Pets are then admitted into a foster home. We strive to ensure that the foster home is a suitable fit for your pet. In the foster home, pets receive the highest quality of care. The average length of stay in a foster home is two to four weeks prior to adoption.

We carefully screen our adopting families to ensure that they are a suitable match for the pet. An application is required, in addition to a home visit and interview. We are diligent in placing pets in loving, forever homes.