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Special Projects
Hospice Hearts has a number of adjunct special projects designed to help cats and dogs in need in Central Illinois:

The Pitbull Project - is on hold as of May 2019

Hospice Hearts selects one young pitbull or pitbull mix per month from a local animal shelter or animal control to be a part of The Pitbull Project. We provide veterinary care to the pitbull to prepare him or her for adoption.

The pitbull is enrolled in training designed to help them become a good canine citizen and breed ambassador. The selected pitbull is then placed for adoption. Due to the young age and significant financial investment we will make in these dogs, an adoption fee of $200 applies. 

Barn Cats

Hospice Hearts is delighted to provide unsocialized and unadoptable cats (also known as feral cats) with safe havens by matching them with barn homes in Central Illinois. 

These cats - impounded by local animal shelters or animal controls - would otherwise be euthanized, but can find safe havens in screened barn homes.

To request barn cats, please send us an email.

Low-Cost Clinics

Hospice Hearts provides pet owners in Central Illinois with assorted opportunities for low-cost veterinary care, including spay or neuter surgeries, vaccinations, flea prevention, microchipping, and more. Clinics are posted on our Events page.